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What You Will Get

10 Minute Responce time

Our typical response time to a service impacting issue or critical ticket is 10′ minutes. Frequently, we are already working on an issue before you even notice. We provide a 1 hour response time guarantee.

Backup & Recovery

All server management plans include backup and recovery options. Our tool is supported with Amazon s3, Google Drive, Azure Drive. We include daily backups and multiple retention schedules to fit your needs.

Antivirus Protection

Our Managed Antivirus which includes Signature-based scanning, Active protection and behavioral scanning,Heuristic checks provides protection against previously unknown threats, unrecognized viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’ core systems.

What We Provide

Ensuring High quality server Management,Server Support & Server Security.

24x7 Server Monitoring & Rescue

Automated Cloud Backup & Alerts with Leading Cloud Backup Software.

Do you need a Experienced Server Administrator?

You can easily drop an email and get our admins ready to deal with your reported issue.

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