Why Digital Marketing Budget is Important for Businesses

  • 21-September-22
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Before you start using digital marketing services, you need to understand what a digital marketing budget is. A Digital Marketing Budget is a financial plan that allows you to render certain services from a digital marketing agency that help grow your presence in the digital world.

In simple terms, a Digital Marketing budget includes different digital marketing plans at different costs based on the company and the industry.

Budgeting can be a frustrating process but it is also a necessary one. Allocating a budget will let your business cover relevant channels, help achieve specific goals and accommodate a lot of digital marketing necessities.

During the pandemic, a lot of businesses had to depend on digital marketing means in order to survive their business. So, it is not surprising that an increasing number of businesses are looking to partner with digital marketing agencies. However,should you not be aware of how essential digital marketing is, keep reading!


Why your Business needs Digital Marketing Services


It is essential that your business gets digital marketing services for the following reasons:

  • People spend more than 3 hours on mobile phones/digital platforms
  • More than 75% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase
  • Over 40% of traffic for e-commerce stores is derived from Google Searches
  • Most customers like to read about the product before they decide to buy it.
  • Digital means provide more exposure and conversions

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing and ever-evolving domain. The strategies keep changing to ensure businesses are keeping up with the times. It is important that businesses get services that test different strategies.

In order to do that, your business needs a concrete marketing plan that lays out every attempt to strategize, enhance, and market a product/service. As the audience changes, so must your business. Therefore, you need to select digital marketing services whose budget offers you all these services.


Role of a Digital Marketing Agency:

A digital marketing agency performs an important job in getting businesses to achieve their goals. If you are looking for better brand visibility, lead generation and customer loyalty, digital marketing is the way to go!

There has never been a higher competition to acquire or sell digital marketing services. Since it is a cutthroat industry, it is crucial that your business stands out as unique and offers more than your competitors.

The following list details all the services a digital marketing agency in India should provide:

1) Social Media Optimisation

2) Search Engine Optimisation

3) Email Marketing

4) Blogging and Content Marketing

5) Search Engine Marketing

6) Social Media Marketing

A digital marketing agency should be able to take care of your customers' needs. To ensure that, you need to choose a budget that lets them tailor strategies accordingly. Moreover, they will give you value-added services that provide measurable results. An agency will also provide support during and after the project.


Allocating a budget for Digital Marketing

It is easy to question whether a marketing budget is worth investing in. Advertising costs alone might shock you but you should consider the fact that investing in digital marketing is one of the most intelligent decisions a business owner can make.

You may want to be conservative with your marketing budget. We acknowledge and understand that your spend is based on your goals, the size of the company, and many other factors.

While digital marketing agencies should come up with different strategies that match your expectations, you must align with their budget so that they can help meet your goals. You must know that in digital marketing services, you get what you pay for.

 Digital Marketing might be more affordable than traditional marketing but cheap services won't often get you the results you want. Maximising your budget is key to your growth success. The higher the budget, the more services you will be able to render and the more ground you will cover.

Listed below are budget plans based on the number and types of services you need. Keep in mind that every price list will be different, depending on the service and agency.



 Let’s go more into detail about the Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management costs.


Search Engine Optimisation Budget: 


Search Engine Optimisation is a set of processes that improve your business ranking in internet search results. It is a continuous process that constantly changes. Therefore, it requires ongoing maintenance. SEO also provides the highest ROI out of digital marketing.




A smaller budget (approx INR 25,000) will focus more on creating backlinks for free sites or lower DA and PAs. With this, you will receive minimal developer support and On-Page issues will take a long time. The no. of keywords targeted will also be less. Although your expectations might not be met, your strategy will have a more focused approach.

A medium budget (approx INR 50,000) will get you minimal PR activities, and comparatively higher results. Moreover, you will get content with heavy keyword stuffing.

On the other hand, a larger budget (INR 1,00,000 +) will get you all of the above and opportunities for paid guest posting, maximum PR activities, content and designs. Additionally, more time will be devoted to Backlinking Activities and you will be able to rank on the first page of SERPs.

It is not beneficial if you have a website that is not ranked on the first page of search results as only 10% look beyond the first page. Your business needs to cater for the 90% that stays on the first page.

Through SEO, qualified leads can find you while looking for products or services. You will receive more traffic and generate more money in the long run.

Visit AATMIA to know more about our SEO services.


Social Media Management Budget:

Social Media Management is a set of strategies and techniques that allow brand awareness and product promotion through social media avenues. Some of the power platforms for SMM are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Globally, there are 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms as of January 2022. Social Media Management keeps your customers engaged, establishes better social media trust, and increases your online visibility in the long run.



The less you pay, the less time we invest in the projects. With a small budget (approx INR 25,000), the money will be utilised for concept ideas, designs, and tools. The additional

A medium budget (approx INR 50,000) will get you more benefits like growth hack implementation at a higher level, faster results and cost-efficiency.

On the other hand, a larger budget (approx INR 1,00,000 +) means you can reap the maximum benefits of SMM. You will have a sufficient budget to handle growth hack activities and enough money for promotions and to approach influencers. Your business will have the option to include branding and lead-generating activities as well.

An exceptional social media strategy will go a long way in bringing you more than you've invested. Here, it is much more important to invest your time and expertise than the budget you will spend.

Our SMM Services page will give your more information on our packages and services.


Final Word

When it comes to budget allocation, you need to learn how to prioritise your goals and resources.

A smaller budget will give you minimal results, a medium one will give you better results. A larger budget will not only give you better services and resources to work with but also more time investment in the projects, quality content and designs, and faster results.

Aatmia is the best digital marketing company in India that caters to all the different segments. The marketing budget is directly proportional to the results we're able to deliver, and is dependent on your industry and niche. Rest well knowing that your business will be handled by experts with 100+ years of collective experience.

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